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What is CBD? CBD stands for cannbidiol, a cannabinoid the hemp plant produces. Please refer to the published medical studies on our page to view what CBD does.

There are multiple types of CBD such as full and broad spectrum. You also have some products which have terpenes infused. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and something that truly holds immense value to just about anyone.


We do our best to provide the best possible relief for everyone.


“Anxiety has gotten me to the point of paralysis at on the extreme end & it scared me so much I thought I was going to be on meds which I don’t trust but Welief was put into my hands and I have to say, it is a miracle! When I start to have some anxiety late night, this knocks it right out!

Robert Gallo

Happy Customer


“1800mg works wonders for me! I love it! ❤

Ebony Queen

Happy Customer


“This is the best CBD I have every had to relax!”

Daisy B M

Happy Customer


“Had the best night sleep in years and had no pain!”

Sarah M

Happy Customer

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Visit our website learning portal where you can read and learn about CBD, its benefits and uses, and so much more. Having CBD is one thing, knowing why you have CBD is everything.