600mg Peppermint Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Oil


Pineapple Express Terpenes with our full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is the direct hemp flower extraction for the best select CBD full spectrum products on the market.


Our full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is the direct hemp flower extraction for the best select CBD products on the market.

What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid the hemp plant produces. Please refer to the published medical studies on our page to view what CBD does.

What are terpenes? Terpenes are the natural flavor or smell the flower produces to create a unique profile of a particular strain! Like Pineapple express!

What is full spectrum hemp oil? Full spectrum hemp oil is an extraction of the hemp plant that includes all of the cannabinoids the plant has to offer, including: CBD, CBD-V, CBD-A, CBG and more! Over 100 cannabinoids working together in the endocannabinoid system to modulate a ride range of functions best described as bringing the body in equilibrium, promoting better health.

These CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures can be used topically, and is best applied directly on inflammation. Please refer to the studies page and read of CBD as an anti-inflammatory that’s not a blood thinner, according to published medical studies.

Its also CBD that’s vape-able for CBD Pods and CBD cartridges for Vapes! Its important to note that CBD has anti-anxiety effects and efficiency for treating substance abuse disorders, according to published medical studies! It helps people get off toxicity nicotine and we are not manufactured or owned by JUUL Labs Inc.

Will CBD oil make you fail a drug test? If you consume enough full spectrum oil, it is the same concept as eating a lot of poppy seeds, you can test positive if consuming enough.

Our CBD full spectrum oils can be applied onto cooked foods and liquids as well, allowing you to cook with CBD and create a wide range of edible CBD products flavored with unique terpenes!

Our CBD full spectrum oils are effective for pets as well, help your loved one find Welief at last!

The fastest acting way and most effective way of taking CBD is drops taken sublingually for all situations.